Mar 29 2012

Welcome & Special Prayers 3/25/12

Most of the time as a veterinarian I am called to be an advisor, an authority, a voice of reason, a surgeon, a clinician, a healer, a counselor and even a friend. Yet, there are other times in which I take on the very nature of a servant.

This week I met several people that are going through very tough times with their beloved pets, times that both they and I know will get harder as the days and weeks progress. When ultimately there is no further physical healing, I find that my role becomes that as subservient to the needs of the pet family. It is within this space of spiritual acceptance and surrender, I hope to lead the pet and his or her human companions to peace. It is our role to do everything we can to ease suffering and increase quality of life. I pray that I can have the wisdom to help in every capacity possible, and I pray that the human companions find strength and compassion through their difficult times ahead as well as joy and happiness in the wonderful moments.

Although there are many I pray for every night, this week I send special prayers out to: Guinness and Sharon, Calypso and family, Annie and family and K.C and family.


I am so glad you mentioned your ‘prayer blog’ to me today. I have been so preoccupied with Guinness that I totally missed your website. Thank you so much for your prayers and for making our concern’s known. I would have commented but I am not sure how to register.

Obviously, God has put great skill into your hands, your brain, and your heart!

Gods Blessings!

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