Oct 02 2012

What is Devotion?

As Deryl and I approach the date of our marriage (yes, we finally set the date!), I was struck by a sermon the other day on DEVOTION from Romans 12 9:16. Certainly, getting married implys devotion to each other, but what exactly IS devotion and how does one act on it?

As always, I look to my furry friends as the best example of purity that I can comprehend. Nothing in my physical life compares to the devotion of Scrappy, Malijah and Athena, my three dogs. They are completely HONEST in their love for me. There are no hidden agendas, no need to “read between the lines.” When they are hurt they show it and when they are happy they rejoice in it. They hold me in high HONOR. Never do they intentionally put themselves before me (well, maybe for a brief moment when Athena spots a running squirrel!).

The respect they afford me elevates my self esteem and makes me feel like the most important person in the universe. They extend complete and utter HOSPITALITY to me, always pleased that I have arrived and eager to show me how much they love and miss me when I get home. What a joy to come home to after a long and difficult day! They bring HARMONY to my home, especially on late evenings as one curls next to me on the couch, another at my feet and the third on her bed next to the TV. When I cry, they nuzzle me with wet noses and lick my tears and when I I bring one of them to watch my daughter’s cheerleading practice, they make my moment complete. Lastly, they show me the perfect example of HUMILITY, the cornerstone of all aspects necessary to show devotion to another.

The genuine concern and true humbleness with which they love me, and always seek to serve me, is as close to Christ-like love I have ever experienced on this earth.

So… as I prepare to devote myself to my soon-to-be husband, I think a strange yet truthful thought. I hope I can love and be as devoted to you in honesty, honor, hospitality, harmony and humility as a dog. Smiles, Dr. Saria

Rebecca Saria, DVM

Life is not measured by the number of _Breaths_ we take, But by the Moments that take our _Breath_ away…

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