Why Choose A Mobile Vet?

Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Service is of a full service medical, surgical, holistic and spiritual home care service for pet owners in Litchfield County and outlying regions of CT. Our veterinarian, Dr. Saria, has devoted her life to caring for pets and is now able to offer individualized, personal and loving care in the comfort of your own home.

The veterinary industry is one the fastest growing industries in America with 39% of households owning a dog and 33% owning a cat; Many households have multiple pets. Retirement homes, pet-friendly apartment complexes, individual homes, condos, even hotels have seen the increasing number of pet households. Gold Coast Mobile Vet intends to tap into this growing population and provide necessary veterinary care with a unique and sophisticated Mobile Unit.

Many people think of their pets as family members and demand top quality care for them. Animal care has advanced phenomenally in the last 10 years. We now have the ability to routinely perform numerous advanced medical and surgical services without stressing you or your pet because we come right to your door. Pet-Parents expect specialized veterinary care, yet expect their family vet to be compassionate and comforting. They also want options for treatment including holistic and spiritual modalities. Providing this combination is the primary goal of Gold Coast Mobile Vet.

Many owners recognize that dragging their pet to the car, hassling with barking/meowing and upset stomachs in the car ride, and the noise and contagious diseases present in large waiting rooms, are detrimental to their pets’ emotional and physical health. Baby-boomers, retirees, working professionals, young couples and growing families are acquiring pets as companions in ever increasing numbers. However, these same households are busy! They are scheduling their kid’s lives, events, games, entertainment, doing their shopping, and making appointments in their Blackberries, iPhones and computers, often using the internet to streamline their lives. With busy lives, people are looking for ease of service, but still demanding top quality care. Gold Coast Mobile Service can provide easy, comfortable, timely and relaxed veterinary care at your convenience.

Home service overcomes the difficulty of transporting the pet to the hospital, creates the ability to make convenient appointments while also providing full service, excellent medical and surgical care.

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