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DrSariaRebecca A. Saria, DVM

Dr. Saria is a graduate of Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, class of 2000. She holds a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a minor in Bioethical Philosophy from Mills College, Oakland, CA. She is a member of CVMA, JAVMA, American Holistic Practitioners of America and numerous other prestigious organizations.

Dr. Saria has done emergency veterinary care, general practice and been a chief of staff, chief of surgery, and owner of an exceptionally busy advanced medical and surgical care facility. She is also a mother of three (23, 21, and 14 year old humans) and a pet-parent of a German Shepard, a Australian Shepard, a ‘Coconut Dog’ rescued from the Dominican Republic, a dove, four cats, two rats, three horses, 13 chickens, a ball python and what ever happens to land on her door step!

Dr. Saria is an active member of her church, and strongly believes that God and the higher spirit has guided her path toward veterinary care. Therefore it is her heart-felt love of her mission in life to care for the pets that depend upon her knowledge, care and compassion.

Susan Lydem- Client Service

“This is Sue. She’s been with us forever. She just keeps showing up. We couldn’t get rid of her if we tried!

Sue joined Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Service in December 2010 as a behavior trainer and client service administrator. She has a BS degree in Corporate Communications from Southern CT State University and a long history in public relations and animal welfare. Prior to joining Gold Coast Mobile Vet, she was a shelter manager for a non-profit humane organization.  She and her husband Patrick are pet parents to two German Shepherd Dogs, a Pit Bull, a cat and a hive of bees! – she is known to state, quite proudly, that all of her kids have fur!  It’s not unusual for her to have foster pups visiting until they find their loving, adoptive homes.

Becky Leona Gallo- Hospital Manager

Meet Becky! Working behind the scenes most of the time, she keeps the entire system clean, organized, and running impeccably! Managing the surgical suite, staffing, hospital maintenance and anything we need, she is invaluable.  Always positive, she can bring a smile to your face no matter what the circumstances.

About Gold Coast Mobile Vet Excerpt from Interview:

Dr. SARIA was born in Danbury, but spent part of her childhood and adolescence in Colorado, Alaska, Montana and California where she worked as a cowgirl on a ranch, as a fisherman on a commercial fishing boat, trained sled dogs, and experienced many other amazing facets of life. One common thread throughout all her adventures was “her connection to animals,” she said. “I’ve always loved animals. I’ve always felt very connected to them. Everyone around me knew told me I was born to be a vet.” Along the way, she also published six novels under the pen name, Sasha Lord. “The books are historical romances with magical animal elements,” said Dr. SARIA, who now lives in Bethlehem, CT.

Community outreach is an issue of “deep importance” to Dr. SARIA, and she is involved in several ongoing initiatives. “We feel strongly that we are called to serve the furry, four legged creatures that depend on us, and we must act as their advocates,” she said. One example was her previous service with the Bridgeport Rescue Mission Mobile Kitchen, which visited the P.T. Barnum housing project in Bridgeport and provided hot, nutritious meals, as well as clothing. Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Service teamed with them to offer free wellness exams, vaccinations and selected services and medications for dogs and cats.

In January 2010, Dr. SARIA went to Port au Prince, Haiti, to help minister to the companion animals in need of medical care after the massive earthquake. “I worked with the people there and the children in the orphanages,” she said. Despite the cultural differences, Dr. SARIA said she found a universal language. “I’m used to communicating without language, and I used the same skills to communicate with these wonderful people,” she said. “You use empathy and watch their eyes.” As for future plans, Dr. SARIA said she would like to work with emergency response teams, assisting injured rescue animals. “First responder animal teams need medical care so they can continue to help save people,” she said. “I would love to bring my van directly to the emergency sites.”

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