Mar 19 2012

Mobile Veterinary Service Makes Sense For Many!

According to research performed by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), pet owners want to take immediate action when a beloved dog or cat’s illness presents. Managing the pet’s stress related to visiting the veterinarian’s office is often worrisome, too. That’s why pet owners with a sick pet often ask, “Where can I find a veterinarian who makes house calls?”

Fairfield County and south Central Connecticut pets and families have a reason to rejoice! Dr. Saria of offers the personalized attention and customer service in short supply today. Dr. Saria’s mobile clinic brings services and patient-based care to the family’s doorstep.

Mobile veterinary care services

Mobile veterinary care offers a valuable alternative to pet owners and their four-legged family members in a variety of situations, including:

  • Well-care visits for pets of all ages
  • Treatments for chronic conditions, such as arthritis or diabetes
  • Post-surgery check-ups and wound care
  • Private, in-home euthanasia

Mobile veterinary care for multiple pet households

Veterinary care is an essential component of managing the health of single or multiple pet households. Administration of vaccines and medicines is easiest when the veterinarian brings services to the home.

Older pets need gentle care, and owners of older pets want veterinary sensitivity to their special needs. Visiting the older dog or cat at home is less disruptive to the patient and his family. The attending mobile veterinarian brings all necessary tools to the visit. If special diets are part of the prescription, the mobile veterinarian delivers just what’s needed.

In some cases, daily pet care may be necessary. Rather than leaving the pet’s family to deal with complicated instructions or veterinary after-care, the mobile veterinary hospital adds a loving, skilled pair of hands to change dressings, deliver medicines, or administer injections.

Holistic mobile veterinary services

Choosing a mobile veterinary service is naturally easier on a pet and their family. The focus on a mobile veterinary team is simply on the pet. If the veterinarian writes a prescription, there’s no need to look for a pharmacy over a holiday weekend.

Home-based care yields extraordinary spiritual benefits at no cost. Whether the veterinarian attends a birth or death, the pet is surrounded by loving family.

The veterinarian brings service to the patient. Relationships are the heart of the mobile veterinary practice.

Mobile veterinary care for special situations

Breeders of dogs and cats often take advantage of mobile veterinary services for obvious reasons. The mobile veterinary service attends to the needs of the mother and her litter with much less stress than an in-office visit. Bringing newly delivered mothers or pups to the veterinary office isn’t practical or desirable!

Veterinary care costs

Veterinary care, like human health care, is expensive. That’s why choosing the best value for the family’s veterinary care dollar is essential. Your pet will love receiving the care she needs at home. Contact today to experience the benefits of home-based veterinary services today!

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