May 12 2012

Gifts from our Companions & Special Prayers for Special Families

What a wonderful gift God gave us in giving us pet companions! Rejoice! Joy is in their eyes, their special sounds, their special touch, their ability to know just when we need a cold nose against our elbow. What lasting love their devotion puts in our hearts… just watching a Golden Lab romp in the meadow grasses, a German Shepard bound through the surf or a little Chihuahua scamper along the sidewalk while taking an after-dinner stroll around the neighborhood, brings a smile to our lips. On cold days, they snuggle next to us. On sad days they mope with us. On happy days, they twitch their whiskers or wag their tails as if to say, “Yes, it IS a lovely day.” Whether in our memories or in our homes, our pets bring us joy in a unique way. In the middle of all the stresses of life, lets remember to sing praises to the little creatures that give so much to us.

Special prayers go out this week to: Chiquita’s family, Sandy’s family and K.C.’s family who all will remember those wonderful moments in their hearts as a living legacy. To: Katie, Crosby, Lady, Ruby and Hunter as they heal from surgery. And to every other creature that touched someone’s heart this week. Praises!

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