Jan 14 2014

Giving your emotional wealth to those in need

A dog waits for someone to want him… he waits for the crumbs of affection, love and attention we humans are willing to give him. Crippled emotionally after being abandoned and hampered physically by never learning the basics of pet-human respect and manners, he is lost is the abyss of homelessness. He has no control over his life. He is completely at the mercy of human mercy. One lost dog in a world of lost souls. He is at your gate. Do you see him? “There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus…” Luke 16:19-20. According to the story, the rich man never fed Lazarus, despite his wealthy excess. He never gave the leftovers of his table to the beggar desperately in need of sustenance until the beggar man finally died. Ultimately, the beggar found love in heaven but the rich man was cast into torment. How many souls have been placed before your gate whom you have either never noticed or have deliberately ignored? The dog waiting for a home? Perhaps you did adopt a desperate pet because you could feel the needy soul of a dog or cat. God bless you! But did you notice the lonely neighbor who is withering away from lack of love? Did you reach out to your spouse as he/she sat on the bed, wishing for a kind word after a difficult day? If a soul has been carefully placed upon your gate because you have the riches to help, will you open your heart and give it the love you are commanded to give?

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